Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A Little Princess Turns Six...

This precious little lady is celebrating her sixth birthday time flies, my friends!
Surely it was just the other day I was writing of our great excitement concerning the new little life in my mother's womb...?  
I can remember the incredible joy and satisfaction in holding my darling baby sister for the first time; delighted by her every move, her chubby newborn face and utterly entranced by the noises she made...

It seems like the years have whisked by without us even realising it, and here sweet Rebekah is, six years old and a beautiful little maiden for the Lord Jesus!

I wrote a character sketch on Rebekah the other day for a school assignment, and I thought it would be lovely to share it with you so that you might be able to form a picture of her beautiful, unique personality...

Rebekah is the second youngest little girl in our home and a dearly loved sister, daughter and friend…
She emits love, acceptance, and sunshine wherever she goes.
At almost six years old, she has adorable red lips, like a rose that is yet to unfurl its delicate petals, and her skin is tanned light brown, changing to a darker hue in the summertime.
Her gorgeous brown hair is cut to shoulder length as she detests having her hair brushed, and knots and tangles don’t bother her as they do Mom.
Her slight lisp, cheerful little smile and soft dimples only add to her sweet personality, as does her infectious laugh.

We often call her ‘Madam Rebekah’, as she likes to assume lady-like airs, not out of vanity, however, and always chooses the dress that is both flouncy and puffy and also very regal looking.
She feels deeply and despite her sometimes obstinate nature, she has a teachable spirit and comes to realise her mistake far sooner than any of us ever have, humbly asking forgiveness and admitting wrong.  Likewise, she freely forgives those who have wronged her.
Rebekah is usually quite happy and contented in her own little world, only drawing in those persons she holds dear, or whom she has compassion on.
Unlike her sisters, she prefers to play quietly on her own with her precious soft toy leopard, Rory.  She treats him like a child, brushing his fur, giving him cuddles and tucking him up into bed at night, like the gentle soul that she is.
Often she will sit at the piano and compose a charming tune, quite unaware of anyone or anything, just so absorbed in the music she creates with the simple movement of her fingers.

Rebekah forms strong bonds with those she loves and is incredibly loyal.
Her caring and sensitive personality means she very quickly senses when someone is unhappy or in pain, and seeks to uplift their spirits with a giant hug, a picture she has drawn - and wrapped in numerous layers of paper and tied with the biggest ribbon she can find - or a note which one of her sisters has written for her as she is yet to learn how to read and write properly.
She is genuine and sincere in her affections and adds a very special and important dynamic to our family.

Dearest are truly loved and adored, and we praise the Lord for placing you in our family!
We pray that your sixth birthday and seventh year of life is as special and beautiful as you, dear, beautiful princess for Jesus!


Thank you for visiting today, sweet friends!  
Today is a day of celebration and thanksgiving, so I must be off as there are still plenty of things to be done before we can give Miss Rebekah her little birthday party...
I do hope you will stop by again for some birthday celebration fun coming soon!

~ Blessings ~

"...Children a reward from him..."  ~ Psalm 127:3


Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

Kelly-Anne, this is a beautiful tribute to your young sister that she will treasure. It is beautifully photographed and well-written. It shows the love you have for her and your own great ability of observation. xoxo Su

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Rebekah! Such a heartwarming and well-written description to help us to know her better. Your photos of her are adorable. May God richly bless her!

Salomé du Toit said...

Happy birthday to Rebekah. I hope she has a wonderful day. May she grow ever closer to Jesus.

Emma Jane said...

Kelly-Anne, this is beautiful! Your sister is adorable. :-) Happy birthday, little Rebekah!


Sam (Kom) said...

Happy Birthday Rebekah :)!! I remember bumping into you and your Mum at the library when Rebekah was still a small has time flown by so fast!
Love the tribute you wrote and what a lovely little girl she is.

Love following along on your blog and how you are all growing up into such amazing girls/women. Love your photos too

Sending love to you and your family

magnoliasntea said...

Rebekah is an adorable little girl! Isn't it amazing to see the difference in personalities within a family...
Happy Birthday to Rebekah from the foothills of our Great Smoky Mountains!!

Debby Ray said...

Happy Birthday, Rebekah! Oh my goodness, Kelly-Anne...what a precious post dedicated to sweet Rebekah! She is just about as cute as a button (like her big sis) and I can tell that you love her deeply! She is one blessed little lady to have such an adoring big sister to help train her up to be all she can be for the Lord! Thank you for sharing this post and have a wonderful Wednesday!

Christine Taft said...

Awww that was beautiful, Kelly-Anne! I can tell you are a wonderful sister.
Happy birthday, sweet Rebekah! Wishing you a wonderful 7th year. <3

Vicky Hunt said...

Happy Birthday to your precious little sister! What a beauty she is and I can tell by her smile that she has a sweet spirit. June birthdays are quite mine is also this month! In fact, it's on Friday the 5th. Please wish your sister a blessed and beautiful birthday for me. Have fun with the party.

Hugs and Prayers, Vicky

Alex said...

Oh how sweet ~ both the pictures and your lovely description.
That is one characterful little person!
I'm all for June birthdays, as mine is also this month, tomorrow in fact like Vicky (above)
I will be ...a year or two older than Rebekah!!

Sweet blessings on you, Kelly-Anne.

CherylQuilts said...

What a dear and precious sister you have, Kelly-Anne! Rebekah is so adorable, filled with such innocence and clearly a tender heart! I loved reading your description of touching to read a big sister's thoughts that are truly from your heart. May she continue to grow more and more to love Jesus and be molded into His image each day! Hugs, precious friend, and give that little one a hug too! How precious she is!

Hamlette (Rachel) said...

Awwwww :-) Happy birthday to Rebekah! My Sarah is 5 right now, and it sounds like she and Rebekah share a lot of interests, from flouncy, pretty dresses to the piano to treating a special stuffed animal as a baby.

Love the photos! You can really see her personality sparkling through :-)

CGrace said...

Awwww...happy, happy birthday to your sweet little sister!

Christine said...

What a beautiful sister and you write so movingly about her! She is blessed to have you too as a role model
Happy (belated) birthday wishes to your sweet sister!

Ida said...

What a sweet post about your little sister. She sounds wonderful.
Wishing her many more happy birthdays.

Paige said...

Happy belated birthday to sweet Rebekah! :)