Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday

“Let’s not get so busy or live so fast that we can’t listen to the music of the meadow or the symphony that glorifies the forest. Some things in the world are far more important than wealth; one of them is the ability to enjoy simple things.”

~ Dale Carnegie

~ Whoever trusts in his riches will fall, but the righteous will thrive like a green leaf.  Proverbs 11:28


Libby @ A Noble Calling said...

Absolutely beautiful! I love the quote and the picture is lovely as well :)

Hope you're having a beautifully blessed day!


Kelly-Anne @ Beautiful Girlhood said...

Oh isn't the picture just?! I can only imagine painting like that... Thank you for stopping by today, Libby:). Lots of love, Kelly

Tane Hannah said...

I love Dale Carnegie's stuff! :) Great post, Kelly!

Kelly-Anne @ Beautiful Girlhood said...

Thank you for visiting dearest Tane:)