Monday, February 3, 2014

Today Was Monday...

Mondays are different to every other day.  I suppose this is because Mondays are at the start of a whole new week and the day after the special family day we all love so much.
Many things, both pleasant and not-quite-so pleasant happen in it. 
But now I happily sit here at the computer with my fingers touching the keys, ever ready to transfer the thoughts from my mind to the screen in front of me.  I’m enjoying a few sweet moments before the close of the day when the light grows dim and the bugs outside begin to chirrup their songs of love and happiness...  Bedtime is always a delightful time for me; before I even shut my eyes or whisper a goodnight to the little girl in the bed opposite me, I am swept away to a world of fantasy and romance where all those near and dear to me are the key characters in my little drama which is called a dream...
Looking back on the past few hours, beginning at 5:30 this morning when I woke to soak up the words so dear to all who love them and to praise the Writer of each chapter of my life, I see many wonderful things – an hour or so of garden chores and pleasantness while the day was still cool and dripping with dew, menu planning for the week with Mom.  (Sometimes this task is a bit tiresome as finding healthy, easy-on-the-budget meals is not that simple...  But fortunately God gives grace as well as inspiration to those who love Him and now we both know what is potting for the next few days as far as filling up hungry tumblies goes:-) 
The afternoon included a fair amount of schoolwork for me.  I read and reread interesting information on the Renaissance and set my mind to work on just how I was going to present my research... In between notes I made my way down the passage to retrieve a lost chick, to fetch a paintbrush from the drawer and to find a piece of clay for the girls to roll into sausage shapes and show Mom how to make a U. 
After chopping carrots rather hurriedly, giving the seedlings (that were just about fainting from the heat) a brief watering and putting my hair back in a hair band, Mom, Nancy and I jumped in the car for a wonderful hour of least for Nancy and I.  Mom went shopping for the week’s groceries while we were at our lesson.
Coming home to house full of funny sisters and a pot of yummy hot supper (thankfully) cooked the day before was perhaps the sweetest thing of all. 

And I have just realised something...I can’t think of one single thing that was not-so-pleasant that happened today...

Okay, I can...
I twisted my ankle rather nastily whilst watering the garden for the second time this morning:-)

Goodnight dear friends, hope your Monday was just as amazing mine was!


P.S.  Happy February everyone!


Mumz Aunty Pam said...

So sweet to hear your news - what a blessing you are! Lots of love and special blessings to you from Aunty Pam

Tane Hannah said...

I love the way you wrote this post, Kelly. :) Especially about the dream's perfect. It sounds like you had a wonderful Monday! I love the days where everything feels happy and it all turns out good by the end of the day. Sorry about your ankle. :(
I feel exactly the same way about bedtime.
Happy Feb to you too! Lots of birthdays to handle on my end... :) We've got three in a row. On the 26th, 27th and 28th...not to mention my older sister and Dad on the 12th.
Tane ♥

Kelly-Anne said...

Thank you Aunty Pam - hope you and your family are doing well! Much love, Kelly-Anne

Kelly-Anne said...

Thank you for your lovely comment, Tane! I always enjoy hearing from you! Hope everyone in your family has wonderful birthdays! Ever so much love, Kelly-Anne xxx