Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Day of Pleasure

The morning was still enveloped in mist as we approached our favourite picnic spot on the glorious banks of Jubilee Creek, situated in the heart of the Knysna forest.  After one of the hottest Christmas days we've had in years, we decided to spend Boxing Day relaxing next to the gently flowing water, watching the littlies play and catch frogs and enjoying the remains of a wonderful Christmas lunch...

We’ve had my grandmother and her husband with us the past few days, so they came along too.  After a quick picnic breakfast of tea and home baked muffins, Granny, Nancy and I hit the beautiful trail through the forest to the waterfall pool where we enjoyed a refreshing and chilling swim.  After our 3.2km hike, we came back to our spot to find it was already lunch time...

What a beautiful day we were blessed with – the weather stayed cool the whole morning and during the early afternoon, the clouds burst and sent forth a short and light shower of rain which saw us gathering our goodies and returning home.

I hope you and your family had an equally special and blessed day together.



Heidi-Mari said...

What a beautiful post! I love the way you write my friend!
Lots of love and blessings

Kelly-Anne said...

My dearest friend - what a wonderful surprise your comment was! Thank you<3

Much love and hugs,

Grace Le Feuvre-Smith said...

Wow that looks so relaxing, this post reminds me of our farm, which we will never see again because we are selling it... :( Anyway its nice to be reminded, :) Lovely post, Kelly! By the way the picture are so pretty, and so are the people! ;) Grace xxx ♥ P.S You can see my blog post here :)

Kelly-Anne said...

Thank you for your sweet comment, Grace! Lots of love, Kelly-Anne