Saturday, November 26, 2011

We Have a Winner!!!

Yes dear friends we have a winner of the 'Ever After Giveaway' which closed on the 25th of this month.  Thank you all for your lovely comments (and emails), they are much appreciated!  I recieved 11 comment entries and 2 email entries.  But, very sadly there can only be one winner, and that winner is....................


who said:
"Enter my name twice, please! And I'm posting it at my blog RIGHT now. :) How will it be sent, though?"

Well done!!  Please could you email me your postal address so that I can send your prize DVD off to you - I know you'll love it:)

I really wish I could send each of you a copy of my fave DVD:-)

Have a wonderful weekend further,


Sarah Beckett said...

Well done Ames!

Jessica said...

Congrats, Ames!

Ames said...

D: I can't get the email thing to work, but I guess it doesn't really matter because all I was going to say is...
I can't. -_-
I SOWWY! I'm not allowed to give out my address... so you can just pick out a new winner. :) Which is, by the way, why I asked how it would get to us. o_O
Anyway, thanks for the wonderful giveaway ANYWAY... haha. :P YAY! That means someone else can win. ^_^